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Belarus is an Eastern European country, the position of which make it close both to such EU countries as Poland, Latvia and Lithuania on the west and north-west, and Russia on the East. It is an agro-industrial country with a dynamically developing IT market. As of 1 October 2022, the Belarusian Patent and Trademark Office made electronic filing available for patent, industrial designs and trademark applications. The national currency of Belarus is ruble.

A variety of IP objects are available in Belarus:

– Inventions or utility models, through national patent applications or PCT entry (no PPH)

– Trademarks, through national trademark applications or Madrid registrations

– Industrial designs, through national applications or the Hague System

– Appellations of origin and geographical indications

– Copyright

– Computer programs

– Plant varieties

The Belarusian Patent and Trademark Office conducts correspondence in Russian or Belarusian language. Apart from Russian and Belarusian applicants, any applicant needs to appoint a local Patent Attorney for handling its IP matters before the Office. The appointment should be confirmed with an original signed Power of Attorney. For electronic applications, a copy of signed Power of Attorney is submitted, and the original one is filed if requested by the examiner.

Average examination timeframe by the Belarusian Patent and Trademark Office is about at least 3 years for inventions, about 8 months for utility models and industrial designs, and about 6 months for trademarks. Accelerated procedure is available for examination of inventions, trademarks, geographical indications, as well as recordal of assignments and licenses.

No patent examination is conducted for utility models, unless an opposition is filed against it by a third party. Trademark applications are not published for oppositions by third parties, but an interested party can file a letter with arguments against a pending application.

When it comes to legal prosecution, most IP matters in Belarus are considered by the Chamber for Intellectual Property Disputes of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, consisting of judges specialized in IP matters. An attorney well-versed in the local court practice will ensure protection of the client’s best interest in any matter.

For general information on the costs, please contact us at quotes@patentica.com or info@patentica.com, and we will be happy to provide a precise calculation for your particular situation, including any unorthodox matters. If it concerns potential oppositions, litigation or other such cases that are usually based on an hourly rate, please send us a brief description of the circumstances. We will analyze the case and prepare a detailed professional estimation of associated costs.