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Eurasian Patent Office

The Eurasian Patent Organization has been established to provide legal protection for inventions and industrial designs in the Contracting States on the basis of the single Eurasian patent, through unified prosecution process that requires no further validation from the national offices and no  translations of the application materials into national languages.

This single patent covers the following jurisdictions:

1) Inventions 2) Industrial Designs
– Armenia – Armenia
– Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan
– Belarus – Belarus
– Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan
– Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyzstan
– Russia – Russia
– Tajikistan – Tajikistan
– Turkmenistan

Apart from the convenience of having one application cover several jurisdictions at once, another perk of the Eurasian patent is its applicant friendly procedure, where final rejections a very rare. After the patent is obtained, a transfer of rights or renewal can also cover all the relevant jurisdictions. The Eurasian Patent can be maintained with regards to selected countries and in this case the renewal fees for maintenance of the Eurasian Patent is calculated as the aggregate sum of annuity fees established by each country-party designated by the applicant.

Electronic application process further facilitates the procedure. The main language for the proceedings in Russian. Russian translation of the documents can be filed within 2 months following the filing date.

While the Eurasian Patent Organization is available for PCT applications, examination of PCT applications shall be requested at filing, similar to European patent procedure. Average examination timeframe of an invention application by the Eurasian Patent and Trademark Office is about 3-5 years.

Examination of industrial designs involves them being published for opposition by third parties for two months.

For general information on the costs, please contact us at quotes@patentica.com or info@patentica.com, and we will be happy to provide a precise calculation for your particular situation, including any unorthodox matters. Alternatively, you can use calculators on our website for convenience. If it concerns potential oppositions, litigation or other such cases that are usually based on an hourly rate, please send us a brief description of the circumstances. We will analyze the case and prepare a detailed professional estimation of associated costs.

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Costs of Regional Entry / Filing in Eurasia

total (costs associated with responding to Office Actions)


total (filing + requesting SE + granting)



  • ENTRY DATE 12 / 4 / 2026
    1. Filing of the application EUR
    1. Agency fee
    2. Official filing fee
    3. Official fee for each page over 35
    4. Official fee for each claim over 15
    5. Official search fee
    6. Official designation fee
    7. Official fee for requesting examination
    8. Subtotal 1
  • 2. Annuities (payable during pendency of application) EUR
    1. Agency fee 3rd
    2. Official filing 3rd
    3. Agency fee 4th
    4. Official filing 4th
    5. Agency fee 5th
    6. Official filing 5th
    7. Agency fee 6th
    8. Official filing 6th
    9. Subtotal 2
  • Responding

  • ENTRY DATE 12 / 4 / 2026
    3. Responding to Office Actions EUR
    1. Agency fee
    2. Subtotal 3
  • Granting

  • ENTRY DATE 12 / 4 / 2026
    4. Granting Eurpatent EUR
    1. Agency fee
    2. Official fee
    3. Official fee for each page over 35
    4. Translation of the claims set into French and German
    5. Subtotal 4