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The value that patents give to a company is hard to overestimate, and we always aim not only to protect the time and money invested in research and development to provide a genuine business asset, but also to create a perfect Intellectual Property Rights strategy for our clients, expanding the value of their innovative ideas on the market.


We at PATENTICA believe that a well-developed, comprehensive patent strategy, including timely registration of IP rights as well as monitoring of competitor’s patent activity, is essential to enhance the competitiveness of a company and avoid possible complications connected with enforcing IP rights on the market. PATENTICA deals with domestic and foreign patent prosecution, due diligence and freedom to operate investigations, assignment and licensing agreements, invalidity actions, litigation and post-registration maintenance.


Our patent department provides extensive range of services across diverse technology areas. Our Patent Attorneys and Experts are grouped by main focus into the following departments:

In cases of complex modern technology often patent attorneys and experts specializing in different technical areas work together to meet the needs of our clients.

PATENTICA professionally assists in prosecuting patent applications before the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO). As a result of smooth and streamline examination procedure handled by the patent attorneys of our firm a Eurasian application transforms into a single Eurasian patent equally enforceable in up to 8 EAPC countries including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Alternatively we could help in obtaining individual patents in the same countries or neighboring countries that are not parties of the Eurasian Patent Convention such as Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Finally we draft and file a considerable number of PCT applications, which is a popular option for our domestic and international clients, who wish to obtain patent protection in different countries worldwide.

PATENTICA deals with drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications, as well as preparing and registering assignments and licenses, handling appeals and oppositions, and dealing with the renewal of patents. The practitioners in our patents group also have significant experience in attending patent disputes at the administrative institutions, such as Chamber of Patent Disputes of the Russian Patent Office, and represent clients in court cases, including Intellectual Property Court.

Additionally, we offer a range of advice-based services, such as freedom-to-operate searches, patentability searches, IP due diligence, IP strategy consulting and others.

PATENTICA participates in technology transfers and offers our clients from academic and research institutions comprehensive help in finding possible investors in their business and qualified advice at every stage, from provisional patent filings to the signing of valuable transfer deeds.

Documents / Information we need

PCT application entering into National Phase:

  • PCT application number;
  • Names and addresses of applicant(s) and inventor(s) (unless the application is published);
  • Description, claims, abstract, and drawings (unless the application is published);
  • Power of Attorney executed by the applicant;
  • Amendments made after the international publication (if any);
  • Amendments to be made during the National Entry;

National applications:

  • Names and addresses of applicant(s) and inventor(s);
  • Description, claims, abstract, and drawings;
  • Power of Attorney executed by the applicant;
  • Certified copy of priority application(s) (when priority is claimed)

If you have any questions or would like to obtain a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@patentica.com

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