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Irina Lisovenko

Patent Attorney Patent Attorney
M.S. in Engineering and Technology
Certificate, Valuation of intangible assets
Contact Information irina.pasechnik@patentica.com

“Knowledge is like water – it borrows the shape of the container it occupies”.

Irina is a patent attorney with technical expertise across different fields of optic, information and mechanic technologies and particular focus on information technology, software and telecommunications. With more than ten years of intellectual property experience, Irina has gained extensive experience in patent search, application drafting and prosecution of computer-implemented inventions. Her experience includes consulting a wide range of clients, from startups to large corporations, and she uses her knowledge in IP assets valuation to meet each client’s needs. She easily deals with complex objects involving artificial intelligence and data processing and concentrates her best efforts on bypassing the obstacles that the computer-implemented inventions may face. The combination of Irina’s legal and technical background makes her a considerate adviser for IT clients in developing and managing intellectual property portfolios.

Before developing her legal career, she took positions of a research engineer and a QС engineer in an analytical equipment manufacturer, where she solved various problems relating to sensor signal processing and data analysis.

Irina quickly gets right down to the specifics and can dig deep to represent the client’s position in the best possible way keeping up to the deadlines.



Patent drafting and prosecution
PCT Entry
Patent searches (prior art searches, freedom-to-operate, etc)

Technical areas

IT& computer systems
AI applications
Satellite Systems