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Maria Nilova

Founder Patent attorney
Ph.D. in Tech. Sciences
M.S. in Chem. Engineering
Contact Information maria.nilova@patentica.com

“Moving with the times, global vision, flexibility and enthusiastic team – that is the driving force behind PATENTICA”.

Maria is the founding partner of PATENTICA, heart and brain of our company. Having gained cross-disciplinary experience in both technical and legal fields, Maria has built in many ways a unique bureau that responds to all needs that inventors and businesses face in the realm of intellectual property and handles with great care each case entrusted with us.

Not only does Maria stand behind the company’s strategic development and business connections, but also actively participates in consulting clients and handling patent portfolios in various technical fields, including chemistry and biotechnology.

Maria’s vision of our team and activity:

“Turning to the question of how to create a team, I suppose that an employee should show initiative and go beyond his or her basic duties. If one has an opportunity to grow and enjoy one’s achievements, it contributes to the company’s development on the whole, since the company’s advancement is driven by the advancement of its team. We do not produce goods, we render services, and that is why our employees are our main asset.

The nature of our work is another crucial factor. Our field implies diversity. We are not buried under routine tasks, which could be tiresome. We deal with inventions, and every day our employees receive orders from very different companies and inventors. Our email boxes are like a newsfeed in the morning: we read letters from potential or current clients, we see something new everyday, and every day we face new challenges. The team has to explore huge informational flows and look for new solutions. Our brain works in a such a way that finding a solution is a source of pleasure. It is the same as the gaming principle: when a person plays a game and achieves a new level, he or she receives a certain neurophysiological stimulus. That is how you can enjoy your job at the genetic level. It is pretty simple.”


Patent prosecution
Technology transfer
Patent portfolio management

Technical areas

Chemical engineering
Material sciences
Life sciences


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