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Yulia Bogza

Patent Attorney
M.S. in Chemistry
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Contact Information yulia.bogza@patentica.com

“Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well”.

The gained valuable experience in the field of fundamental and applied chemistry and in the field of intellectual property allows Yulia to delve deeply into the essence of the invention and devise the most suitable patent prosecution strategy for the client, taking into account possible risks.

Yulia has experience in the industry related to the production of paints and varnishes, polymers and polymer products, as well as experience in scientific activities related to the fine organic synthesis of sulfur and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds, in particular, fluorescent compounds, organic semiconductors, and biologically active compounds.

In her work, she appreciates the opportunity to continuously learn something new, broaden her horizons, work in a team, and look for ways to solve various problems using ingenuity and creativity.


Drafting and prosecution of patent applications;
Prosecution of patent applications filed in accordance with the Paris Convention and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Technical areas

Materials science