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Anna Bobkina

Trademark Attorney
M.S. in Linguistics
Contact Information tm5@patentica.com

“Learn more, consider all the aspects, and find the balance within”.

While drawing from established practices, Anna always pays attention to the details unique to each case, fine-tuning her approach and looking for the perfect balance between the most reliable and the most advantageous outcomes.

Excellent research skills and a tendency to keep an open mind allow Anna to explore all available courses of action in order to present the client with the best solution to an issue at hand.

Anna’s extraordinary organizing skills makes her a reliable team player, while her talent as an artist and skilled linguist brings beauty and originality to everything she deals with.


Trademark prosecution
AO (Appellations of Origin) and GI (Geographical Indications) prosecution
Well-known trademark prosecution
Сo-existence agreements
Limitation requests
Third party observations