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Assignment & Licensing

The most popular ways to monetize your intellectual property are assignment and licensing, one of variations of which - franchising - is particularly beneficial for creative businesses. An IP portfolio can also become a company’s charter capital, making it a valuable asset, or serve as a pledge for attracting investment in your business. In some jurisdictions, any IP transaction has to be officially recorded with the IP authority to come into force.


PATENTICA’s trademark and patent attorneys work closely with the legal team to get the most monetary value from your IP when counselling, drafting or reviewing contracts, or conducting negotiations in deals of all types, such as patent transfer, licenses for emerging technologies and selection achievements, trademark and copyright assignment, licensing and franchising. We handle not only explicit disposal of IP rights, but also work with transactions relating to inter-institutional research collaborations and sponsored research agreements, technology-transfer transactions, confidentiality agreements related inter alia to know-how, non-disclosure agreements and labour agreements with employee’s invention alienation and reward policy provisions.

Documents / Information we need

  • Information about the type of disposal of rights (transfer, license, franchise)
  • Information about the IP object
  • Document confirming the disposal of rights
  • A Power of Attorney (which does not require legalization)

If you have any questions or would like to obtain a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@patentica.com

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