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Anna Safonchik

Languages: RU EN FI

Trademark Attorney Assistant
Contact Information Email: tm7@patentica.com
Tel: +7 (812) 600 2427 Ext. 206

“Find a purpose, and it will come with the resources to achieve it’.

Having worked in Intellectual Property sphere for 6 years and graduated as a lawyer, Anna is experienced in trademarks registration, registration of agreements, insertion of amendments, keeping a trademark registration in force.

She is responsible for consulting foreign and domestic clients and handling trademark cases before the Russian Patent and Trademark Office (Rospatent) and WIPO as well as patent agencies in CIS through colleagues and associates.

Anna is a true citizen of Saint Petersburg: a professional cello player, passionate theatre and cinema lover, well-read and intelligent language enthusiast, who is fluent in Finnish. Anna also cares about saving the planet and participates in ecological initiatives.


Trademark transfer
Trademark license registration
Trademark renewal


The Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg state conservatory (Russia), cello
Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia), law