PATENTICA is a young and dynamic company. It was founded in 1997 and since that time has expanded to a firm employing patent attorneys, attorneys at law, practitioners and paralegals with diverse fields of expertise, who closely co-operate to provide clients with high quality services in all issues of intellectual property and business law.

In any aspect of our work, we always aim at increasing the value of intellectual property of our clients and thus, enhancing the ability to compete in the marketplace. We work with individual scientists and engineers, laboratory and research teams, and R&D and product development groups to determine whether, when and where in our clients' business and technical interests to seek intellectual property protection. And we don't just file patent and TM applications. Based on our experience with patent and TM litigation, corporate financing and technology transactions, we implement IP strategies that conserve resources, add measurable value and give our clients a cost-effective and commercially practical competitive edge.

Our attorneys and agents have backgrounds in electrical engineering, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, microbiology, genetic engineering and other fields, and work closely with the firm's clients to ensure that they obtain maximum protection.

Two issues are usually faced by applicants when protecting intellectual property in Russia and CIS countries. First, Patent and TM Laws came into effect in Russia only in 1992. Therefore, the legacy of former Russian rules and the persistence of an outdated approach to intellectual property is often an obstacle for obtaining proper protection. Secondly, patent laws vary substantially from country to country; in particular, it is sometimes difficult to harmonize a client's interests with Russian regulations.

We do our best to give the clients thorough advice in all questions concerning Russian patent practice and, by predicting the possible objections of state examiners, help to simplify the national applications procedure. We provide our clients with cost estimate and suggest the most cost effective scheme of prosecution, so that they can always make a choice between the national (e.g. in Russia or Belarus) and regional (Eurasian) route.

By taking into account possible future legal proceedings and Russian court practices, we offer our clients the best professional advice in drafting claims that will protect an invention over as wide a field as possible. Our support staff includes excellent translators and patent and trade mark administrators.