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Unfair competition

Today’s offline and online market is highly competitive, which is the driving force behind the global economy. The other side of the coin is tools applied by some players to win, and companies have to be aware: not all is fair in competition. Watching out for business rivals is crucial for timely spotting unfair competition and ceasing it.


Competitive edge should never ever be gained at the expense of others. Sometimes imitation of third-parties’ copyright, means of individualization, industrial designs, utility models and inventions is so convincing, it might entice consumers from actual manufacturers and lead to considerable losses. Another widespread type of unfair competition is obtaining rights for IP objects. 


At PATENTICA we have an eye for detecting features of unfair competition and choosing suitable evidence that will be recognized by the competent authorities as sufficient for labelling adverse party’s tricky ways an act of unfair competition – if prior mediation does not yield satisfying results. 


We also work with the violations of advertising legislation, which usually goes hand in hand with breach of competition law.

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