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Software and IT

Software and IT

The global information technology (IT) industry is valued at approximately 5 trillion dollars in 2021. Today literally all economic sectors are dependent on computer technologies, especially when it comes to extending a company’s reach to the e-commerce market, introducing automation and enhancing the operational qualities of equipment. Fierce competition and rapid development of the market ignite numerous game-changing innovations.

Applicability of the inventions in the sphere vary from semiconductors, 3D printing technologies (for example, 3D printer hardware features, printing methods and materials could be registered as utility models), CAD processes, DNA mapping, microprocessors, optics, GPS systems, diodes, RFID technologies, robotics to, of course software (under certain conditions), artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality and many more.

As for computer programs, it is worth mentioning that a code is generally protected under copyright (although state registration is also available), while the functional aspect of software, such as computer-implemented algorithms, systems and processes with technical features that aim to solve a technical problem, are patentable as inventions.

Another way to protect rights to a computer program is state registration of the code, upon which you receive a certificate that fixes details of the code, its programming language and purpose. You can learn more about in the Computer Programs section(click here).

PATENTICA’s teamwork secure proper analysis of patentability with due regard to the local legislation requirements, based on which we can propose relevant types of protection (by a utility model, invention or industrial design or computer program patents or copyright). Cross-disciplinary competence of our attorneys also ensures high quality and multifaceted strategies.

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