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Utility Models

Technical solutions relating to devices may be registered as both inventions and utility models. Unlike an invention, a utility model does not need to involve an inventive step: the patentability requirements are novelty and industrial applicability. A patent for a utility model is easier and faster to obtain. A PCT invention patent application can be converted to a national application for a utility model in Russia.


PATENTICA’s Russian and Eurasian patent attorneys deal with Russian and PCT utility model application prosecution from filing to registration, maintenance through renewal, recording changes and licenses, responding to Office Actions, defending and contesting utility models through oppositions and addressing infringements, counterfeit and unfair competition cases in Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

The key features of Russian utility models are:


Object of protection


Patentability criteria

Novelty and industrial applicability

Term of protection

10 years

Documents / Information we need

PCT application entering into National Phase:

  • PCT application number;
  • Names and addresses of applicant(s) and inventor(s) (unless the application is published);
  • Description, claims, abstract, and drawings (unless the application is published);
  • Power of Attorney executed by the applicant;
  • Amendments made after the international publication (if any);
  • Amendments to be made during the National Entry

National applications:

  • Names and addresses of applicant(s) and inventor(s);
  • Certified copy of priority application(s) (when priority is claimed)
  • Power of Attorney executed by the applicant;
  • Description, claims, abstract, and drawings;

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