According to Russian legislation, the shape or configuration of a product can be protected by a patent for an industrial design.

Patents on designs are valid for 5 years. The term can be extended repeatedly for 5 years for a total 25 years.

A 6-months’ grace period is allowed after the original disclosure of a design before an application must be filed for its registration.

Once an application is filed, the Russian Patent Office conducts a substantive examination of the claimed design for compliance with two patentability criteria - novelty and originality.

Unlike many other countries, the scope of protection of a design is defined in Russia by a set of essential features listed in the application and reflected in representations of the design. Preparing an application in Russia therefore involves compiling both a description and a set of essential features of the design, as well as producing a set of representations of it.

In view of the importance of the essential features for the scope of protection, we always take particular care to ensure that these are sufficient for protectability and at the same time provide the maximum scope of protection.

Please contact Elena Dmitrenko or Polina Rotgolts for more detailed information on the protection of designs in Russia.