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New and convenient approach to locating startups
New and convenient approach to locating startups

New and convenient approach to locating startups

The latest enhancements made to the EPO’s popular Deep Tech Finder are enhancing its utility for investors seeking investment-ready deep tech startups and vice versa.

Introduced last October, this complimentary online tool combines business profiles and funding histories for a multitude of European startups with their collections of European patent applications and/or granted patents. As of now, the Deep Tech Finder boasts profiles from over 8,000 startups, organized into more than thirty distinct industry sectors and over fifty diverse technology fields, encompassing smart industries, green technologies, oncology, and now even quantum computing.

In response to favorable user responses, the recent additions to the tool this week provide users with improved access to essential funding and patent details on European deep tech startups:

Search results using specific industry and technology filters may be showcased either in list form or plotted on a map by location.
The patent portfolios for chosen startups clearly indicate the status of each patent application (pending, granted, withdrawn, or refused) as well as whether a Unitary Patent has been granted.
Results can easily be exported with a single download (CSV file).
The Deep Tech Finder seamlessly merges business insights with the EPO’s extensive patent data, covering the legal status of every application managed by the EPO. Future updates to the tool will introduce additional categories of patent holders beyond deep tech startups and a broader range of technology fields.

Deep Tech Finder offers an up-to-date platform for identifying and evaluating startups and emerging enterprises introducing groundbreaking innovations across diverse technological domains.

In addition to its role in technological intelligence, this tool proves immensely beneficial for potential investors (both public and private), startup representatives, and professionals at large seeking to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements in the market. It underscores the current importance of industrial and intellectual property rights for burgeoning technology firms.