PATENTICA provides translating and proof-reading services, not only in the domain of Intellectual Property, but in any field which may be of interest to our clients. Our experience has shown that high-quality translation is extremely important for the successful processing of a patent application. We are also aware of the fact that the best patent translation requires profound knowledge of both the related technical art and the source/target languages.

Our policy is therefore to recruit highly qualified specialists from a variety of technical disciplines, who have received additional linguistic training to qualify them for translating work. All translations are done by professionals with extensive experience of practical/scientific work in the appropriate field; for example, in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, mechanics, optics, computer engineering, software, or medical equipment.

Our main working languages are Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Ukrainian. Each translation is reviewed by a senior patent specialist or a patent attorney, in order to ensure proper terminology, appropriate style, and overall quality of translation. The skills of our technical staff allow us to accept source documents and deliver target documents in any known format which may be required - and we always meet the deadline.

Though we often work under pressure, we like our translations to be perfect. That's why we not only use dictionaries and computer translation programmes, but also draw on ample resources of knowledge, experience, and contacts, making the scope of translation and related tasks we can accomplish nearly unlimited.

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