The area of industrial and pharmaceutical chemistry covers a broad spectrum of technologies and products. Innovations in these fields are of great social importance as they promote the development of new medicines and better materials for industrial use. Our clients from the area of industrial chemistry are engaged in fields as diverse as polymer chemistry; the wood-treatment, pulp and paper industries; fibre technologies; solid oxide fuel cells; oil refinery, water and gas treatment processes; nanotechnologies; ore treatment; catalyst technologies; de-icing compositions; and preservative, detergent, insecticide and fabric manufacture. Our pharmaceuticals clients include experts in antiviral and immunomodulating compounds, new crystalline forms, adsorbent and polymer technology, catalysts, bioecology, cosmetic and medical compositions, surgery and drug delivery, nanotechnology, medical instruments and semiconductors. We have experience of drafting and prosecuting patent applications in all these areas.

To enable us to offer an expert service to cutting-edge innovators in such diverse fields, PATENTICA employs a team of attorneys and experts with scientific backgrounds and qualifications (up to PhD level) which together cover a vast area of chemistry. They have also gained significant experience working in the field (see the personal profiles of our Patent Attorneys and Experts for more details). This allows us to be confident in drafting patent applications with chemical subject matter and in handling inventions right across the chemical field, including organic, inorganic and physical chemistry.

We also have a team of experienced patent searchers in the area of pharmaceuticals, providing comprehensive searches for clients who wish to ensure, before entering the Russian market, that they do not infringe anybody's intellectual property rights. This service is particularly important for multinational companies manufacturing the generic drugs which are so essential for low income populations, especially in some of the CIS countries. Our chemical specialists work in close co-operation with the searchers and provide comparative analysis, non-infringement opinions and freedom-to-operate reports.

A particular strength of our Chemistry team is its ability to work on cross-disciplinary inventions, particularly in collaboration with our colleagues in the Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications and Mechanics & Medical Technology groups. Drafting patent applications in the field of chemistry requires a special combination of legal and technical skills which we believe our attorneys can confidently demonstrate, as a result of experience gained in working with our broad portfolio of clients.

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