The importance of a patent search can be hardly overestimated. We search relevant information worldwide in different fields of art, providing our clients with high quality screening and analysis of patent and non-patent references.

Our searches are performed by patent experts with specialist knowledge in various technical fields, extensive experience in patent research, and excellent language skills in the Russian and Ukrainian languages.

We provide the following types of patent search:

• Technology search (covers expired and non-expired patents, patent applications, and non-patent literature on a given technology over a given time period)

• Active substance search (covers expired and non-expired patents and patent applications on a given active substance and pharmaceutical forms thereof)

• Patent invalidity search and opinion (covers expired and non-expired patents, patent applications, and non-patent literature relevant to the particular claims of the patent in question)

• Patent infringement search (covers non-expired patents including those in force, those which have lapsed but can be restored, and patent applications that may mature into a patent that could bar the technology or patent in question from use) and Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) analysis and opinion

• Company or inventor’s name search in Russia, Eurasia, Ukraine and other CIS-countries

• Patent equivalent search (looks for members of a certain patent family in another country)

Most of our searches are performed online using specialised patent databases, but we also use a wide variety of other technical non-patent databases. Databases searched include:

Patent database of the Russian Patent Office (ROSPATENT)
Patent database of the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPATIS)
Patent database of the European Patent Office (ESPACENET)
Patent database of the International Bureau (WIPO)
Databases of scientific publications
Libraries of research institutions etc.

Our search strategy produces high-quality results:

1) We search all patent applications/patents related to the subject matter of the search (the results are presented in the form of a table including key words, number of references, list of references);

2) We search non-patent references related to the subject matter of the search (the results of the search are presented in a table including bibliographic data and abstract);

3) We screen related patent applications/patents obtained as result of the search (references found at stages 1 & 2 are sorted by subject matter and degree of relevancy);

4) We perform a comparative analysis and present a written opinion appropriate to the search type, for example:

Invalidity opinion and grounds for opposition
Freedom-to-operate opinion
Prior art search

If you have any questions or would like to obtain a quote for a patent search, please do not hesitate to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on +7(812) 600 2427, +7(812) 600 2428