In Russia, computer programs can be registered with the Russian Patent Office (ROSPATENT) in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Articles 1261 and 1262. During recent years, on average, the number of programs registered with ROSPATENT increased by 20% per year, showing that many companies see this as a useful tool to protect their software products.

Though registration is not generally necessary, since computer programs are protected under copyright, there are several benefits which can result from it.

In particular, once you have registered a computer program with ROSPATENT, it is much easier to handle licenses and conclude agreements, since:

• the objects (software, databases) are clearly identified and in any license agreement it is sufficient simply to indicate the ROSPATENT registration number

• the registration certifies the owner(s) and the author(s), thus ensuring that possible conflicts over authorship rights are avoided

• in the event of counterfeit products, it is much easier to deal with the customs, who can act for the benefit of the owner and trace goods as they cross the border

• it is easier to convince a counterfeiter that his actions are illegal, by presenting a Certificate of Registration

• it is much easier to claim damages in courts, as the certificate clearly identifies the program and indicates the date of registration: the two important issues for asserting the fact of infringement

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