Today, PATENTICA staff includes 20 patent and trade mark attorneys and about 40 patent agents, engineers, assistants and technical advisers. Our staff is highly professional, 100% of Patentica specialists have MSc or PhD degrees and more that 30% have 2 degrees in different specializations. Additionally, we contract about 80 task-work employees to guarantee flexibility in case of increasing numbers of orders or when it comes to very specific field of invention.

Our experts gained extensive experience in patent research, drafting patent applications, as well as in prosecution before the Russian Patent Office, Eurasian Patent Office and patent offices of other countries, as well as in other IP services related to the obtainment and protection of intellectual property rights of our clients.

We provide depth and breadth of expertise in a wide range of specializations, from electronics, computer sciences and semiconductors to chemistry, pharmaceuticals, microbiology and genetic engineering.