Shift of terms in RU PTO and EAPO due to quarantine measures

Created on Thursday, 09 April 2020 00:05

In accordance with the recent Presidential decrees and other legal acts, the period until the end of April has been declared non-business days throughout the Russian Federation - for all legal persons, officials and businesses, not directly involved in communal services, medical help and other vital matters. The first five days in May are traditional May holidays and red letter days in Russia. Local governments in all regions, including Moscow, have introduced different quarantine measures, including a ban on personal attendance by employees of all business premises except those that have to continue their work.

With regards to this both RU PTO and EAPO had to change their schedule as well as rendering of official services.

EAPO has notified all applicants, patentowners and their representatives on that all terms for procedural actions, that have the last day within 28 March to 5 May 2020 shall be automatically continued to the first business day – May 6th. This shall apply to all actions under the Eurasian Patent Convention, Patent Regulations under the Eurasian Patent Convention and other acts, including payment of fees due. This shall NOT apply to filing of divisional applications and other terms that are counted until a certain action is done or condition is met. Prolongation of procedural terms under Rule 37(1) is available for all terms falling within the above dates, if a corresponding request is made before or on May 6th. If granted, a prolongation shall start from May 7th.

There are currently no official notifications from RU PTO concerning a shift of terms, but in accordance with existing legislation one may expect similar prolongations until the first business day. Update shall follow when any official information becomes available.

Neither RU PTO nor EAPO shall allow any visitor on their premises, not even for submitting documents. Only online filings, e-mail filings and filings by postal services are available. Hearings in the Chamber for Patent Disputes (RU PTO administrative board) may be attended in online mode only.

We shall keep you informed on all changes in RU PTO and EAPO activity caused by the recent virus outbreak.