The FIPS annual report 2016

Created on Saturday, 08 April 2017 15:44

In the beginning of march the FIPS has published its annual report 2016 on its site. 

According to the document, in 2016 there was a decrease in the number of appplications for inventions (by 8,6%), utility models (by 6,7%), trademarks according to the international procedure (by 20,3%) - compared to 2015's figure. However, there was an increase in the number of application for design (by 10,9%), trademarks according to international procedure (by 15,7%), programs and databases (by 110,4%).

It is to be noted that there has been an acceleration in consideration of applications: the average time period for consideration of applications for inventions has shortened by 2% (up to 10.3 months), and for utility models  - by 24% (up to 2.8 months). A slight increase in the prosecution time for industrial designs and computer programs applications was pinned to an increase in the number of applications considered.

The statistics on the considered judicial dispute over the decisions, actions (inaction) of Rospatent cases is of particular interest - the number of such cases increased by 6% in 2016 (385 in 2015 against 407 in 2016). According to the report, said increase of dispute cases number can be attributed to the growth in the number of appeals on issues relating to payment, accounting and return of fees in case of refusal to perform the corresponding legally significant actions (the courts refused to satisfy such claims). The report also gives some preconditions to further growth of the number of applications for invalidation of Rospatent's decisions on the refusal to register a designation as a trademark - if the information about the producer of goods can be found only in Internet references, it cannot serve as the grounds for refusal to register a trademark during the examination stage. According to the ministry, based on such practice it is possible to predict an increase in the objections to granting legal protection to such trademarks filed by the manufacturers of the corresponding goods marked with such designations.

More particular information about other criteria of the FIPS' services and its trends over the precious year can be found in the summary tables enclosed шт the annex section of the report.

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