According to the announcement on the EAPO Official Internet site, EAPO has adopted the new edition of Patent Reguations.

The following changes саn be mentioned:
1.Objections to extension of Eurasian patnet now can be filed by third parties (Rule 16 of the Regulations).
2. Insufficiency of disclosure of an invention can now serve as an independent basis for cancellation of the Eurasian patent and its invalidation on the territory of the state party to the Convention (Rules 53 and 54 of the Regulations).
3. The procedure for easing time limits for the procedural actions for obtaining a Eurasian patent is now harmonized with the provisions of the Patent Law Treaty (PLT) and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) (Rules 37 and 38 of the Regulations). 
4. Now there is only one criterion of "unintentionality" is applied when considering requests for restoration of rights with respect to a Eurasian application or a Eurasian patent (Rule 39 of the Regulations).
5. During consideration of objections to decisions of the Eurasian Office on refusal to grant a Eurasian patent Applicants now can submit amended claims (Rule 49 of the Regulations)
6. All EAPO's outgoing correspondence sent electronically, as well as electronical materials of Eurasian Applications and patents now have oficial legal status (Rules 21 and 62 of the Regulations). 
7. The scope of persons having privileges on payment of patent duties is (rule 40 of the Patent instruction) is now specified.

Patentica's staff is well aware of all the changes in Russian and Eurasian practice and will be glad to help in reduction of IP management expences.