On June 17th the Government of the Russian Federation has adopted a Decree No548 with Rules of subsidizing of Russian organizations (manufacturers and exporters) for reimbursement of their expenses borne on patenting abroad. The Rules only contain basic regulations and main requirements for subsiding granting; more detailed bylaws on the subject are to be laid out by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. A few points, though, are of interest already.

The most peculiar trait of these Rules is that the expenses are to be compensated not directly to applicants, but to so-called operators, patenting agencies that meet certain requirements. As defined by article 3 of the Rules, the operator is to have at least 3 year long good standing, employ at least 6 patent attorneys, have no less than 50 PCT application filed for its clients for the last 3 years and no less than 100 national Russian applications filed annually. Compensation is awarded only in case the expenses are borne by the operator, not its clients (applicants). International filing fees, national fees, annuities for 3 first years are to be compensated – but not banking commissions and other expenses.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce shall adopt the necessary bylaws, choose compensation recipients and enter into a subsidizing contracts with them. Contracts must include, among other terms and conditions, an obligation of an operator to publish the information concerning abroad patenting and an obligation to partially return subsidies received in case more than 10 per cent of application filed fail to receive positive search reports.


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