In 2015 the number of patent applications filed by PATENTICA on behalf of its clients has increased by 15% to 1,199 – up from 1,040 in 2014. According to the RosPatent (Russian Patent Office) report on electronic filings released at the end of November 2015, PATENTICA climbed to 5th position in the overall ranking of Russian IP firms for the number of patents and utility model applications filed in Rospatent in 2015.

Patentica client’s patent applications grew in Eurasian Patent Office by 35% - up from 251 in 2014 to 339 by the end of 2015, and in Russia by 2% up from 653 in 2014 to 667 in 2015. The firm climbed to 5th place in the ROSPATENT’S Top 5 patent firms rankings, reflecting its continued commitment to protecting intellectual property on behalf of its domestic and foreign clients. This is the highest position Patentica has ever reached in the rankings. One of the biggest Patentica clients, Boeing, also holds one of top positions among filing companies in Russia, with 119 published patent applications in 2015.

In 2015, the Russian Patent Office received 12 % more than the year before patent applications for inventions – a record high reflecting the importance of intellectual property in general and patents, in particular, as a driver of innovation.

Welcoming the news, Andrey Zhuravlev, Deputy Head of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, commented that a significant increase in patent filings in Russia reflects the positive trend in the intellectual property area despite the difficulties experienced by industry and businesses in Russia. The increasing number of scientific and research centers, businesses and R&D clusters clearly understand the necessity of protecting their innovative developments to increase market competitiveness and introduce the results of their research into services, industrial production and everyday business activity.

This positive trend is partly due to continuing support and efforts the Federal Institute of Industrial Property puts via Centers for Technology and Innovations which raises IP awareness among innovative companies in Russia within the framework of collaborative work with the WIPO.

This success would not be possible without a profound support from our respective clients and colleagues as well as their trust bestowed upon us, for which Patentica is immensely grateful.