As was recently announced by Rospatent representatives, starting January 16th, the Chamber for Patent Disputes (RU PTO subdivision acting as an appeal board for patent cases) shall allow for participation in hearings by means of video conference calls.

Currently, active Rules for filing and considering pleas before the Chamber do not allow for any other place of hearings, than Rospatent main office in Moscow. Therefore, all claimants and defenders from other regions of Russia, as well as foreigners and their attorneys wishing to support their position in person had to travel to Moscow - which sometimes resulted in significant transportation costs. The new initiative shall definitely levy this burden for all appeal case participants, who shall only have to have an Internet access, and to deploy a standard computer's web camera or other video equipment, run a communication program and confirm their identities and powers to the Chamber's Board at the start of hearings by showing appropriate documents.

It is worth mentioning that teleconference hearings are already being used in Russian civil and criminal litigation for several years with mainly positive results.

Attorneys from Patentica are already looking forward to their upcoming Chamber hearings in order to apply for a video conference participation.