A Consignment of Dolls Stopped In Vladivostok

Created on Friday, 06 December 2013 00:05

In November a Russian importer firm declared Chinese toys for importation, submitting a bill of entry within Vladivostok customs office. During customs clearance procedures the officials suspected some of the toys, mostly plastic and mechanical dolls, of being counterfeit ones. Several hundred dolls and sets of dolls were marked with “Monster Princess”, “MH, Monster Girl”, “MH, Monster High” and other designations closely resembling “MONSTER HIGH” trademark, owned by Mattel Inc.

Having received a notice from the Customs, a representative of the trademark owner confirmed the fact of counterfeiting, adding that the importer is not listed among the authorized ones and asking for a prosecution of the infringer along with a seizure of goods with their subsequent extermination. An administrative case on the grounds of article 14.10 of the Administrative offenses Code “Trademark infringement” is currently being investigated.