Philip Morris Loses "Streamliner" Trademark

Created on Tuesday, 05 November 2013 00:05

Moscow Commercial court satisfied the claim of British American Tobacco to cancel the legal protection of “Streamliner” trademark (registration RU 640088) belonging to Philip Morris.

On November 1st 2013 the hearings took place with only a representative from British American Tobacco being present. Like on the previous hearings in April, no attorney of trademark owner appeared in the court. Nevertheless, considering the fact of a due informing of the Defendant, judge Matyushenkova Yu.L. did not adjourn the session and heard evidence presented by the Claimant. An attorney of the latter explained they needed to cancel the trademark in question in order to avoid its possible infringement by a new “Kent Streamline” brand that was to be manufactured soon.

As no evidence of trademark use during a three-year period was presented, the court passed a decision in favor of British American Tobacco, cancelling the legal protection of “Streamliner”.

Case А40-102557/2012