Litigation Settlement Between An Infringer And a Trademark Licensee

Created on Wednesday, 02 October 2013 10:00

On 27 September 2013 an amicable agreement between a licensee of “Westland” trademark (RU 288898) and an owner of a retail network was concluded and approved by a resolution of the St.Petersburg Commercial Court.

In July 2013 OOO “Vostok-Zapad” filed a lawsuit against OOO “Lenta” requesting the 5 million rubles’ compensation for an infringement of the exclusive right to the trademark. During preliminary hearings in the beginning of September the court observed the evidence presented by the Claimant and was going to proceed to main hearings when both parties agreed to an adjournal of the judicial session for a discussion of a settlement agreement. According to the agreement in its approved version, the Defendant agrees to pay in 10 days a half of the compensation claimed along with a quarter of the state fee paid – 2,512,000 rubles in total, while the Claimant renounces its claims.