The Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program between the JPO and Rospatent was first launched in 2009, and on 1 January 2012 Japan Patent Office and Rospatent started joint PPH-Mottainai program that is currently in force.

Under the PPH program, applicants can request accelerated examination of an application for invention filed with Rospatent as an Office of Second Filing (OSF), which corresponds to an application for invention filed with the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) as an Office of First Filing (OFF) and which contains claims acknowledged as patentable by the OFF. In case one or several claims of the application for an invention in respect of which the priority is claimed differ from the claims of the application for invention filed with the JPO, which is the basis for priority claim, a table explaining the correspondence of the claims shall be submitted. The accelerated examination of an application for invention is carried out on the basis of a request of the applicant submitted to Rospatent.

The applications for inventions eligible for PPH accelerated examination include:
- applications filed with Rospatent in accordance with the requirements of the national legislation, which validly claim convention priority;
- international applications with or without priority claim entering national phase at Rospatent;
- applications filed with Rospatent as a result of division of the abovementioned applications.

Request for accelerated examination is submitted in the Russian language. Other requirements can be found on Rospatent website.

Under the PPH MOTTAINAI Pilot program, an applicant can make PPH requests at the Office of Later Examination (OLE) by using the examination results of the Office of Earlier Examination (OEE), provided that the OEE and OLE have a PPH MOTTAINAI agreement.

The PPH MOTTAINAI pilot program with the Japan Patent Office commenced on 15 July, 2011, and after this probation period, the two offices determined that the program shall be fully implemented.

The efficiency of PPH programs can be seen in the attached table showing statistics of the number of Office Actions and grants issued under PPH programs and within the usual examination procedure.


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