A lawsuit was brought to Arbitrage Court of Samara region by Samara customs office accusing OOO “Companiya OLMI 2000” (registered in Smyshlyaevka village) of unfair use of Barbie trademark. The trademark holder and a maker of Barbie dolls, Mattel, participates in this case as a third person.

This is not the first lawsuit related to unlawful use of trademarks that is brought against OLMI. On September 9th by decision of the Arbitrage Court of Samara OLMI was fined 30000 roubles for an illegal import of Chinese sport rubber balls with images of Disney characters and “Winnie the Pooh” marking; as there was no consent of Disney Enterprises Inc. for importing of these balls, all goods were deemed counterfeit and confiscated. That lawsuit too, was filed by Samara customs office.