Managing Partner

Eurasian patent attorney, No. 170
Russian patent attorney, No. 378

Maria's areas of technical expertise includes pharmaceuticals, chemical technology, polymers and polymer technology, physical chemistry, sorbents and sorbtion technilogy, nanotechnology and nanocomposites, composite materials, and semiconductors.

Maria is the Founding Partner of PATENTICA, which originally served as a patent department of a Scottish RD company in St. Petersburg, where Maria worked in 1997 – 2004 as a corporate patent attorney managing and prosecuting world-wide a huge patent portfolio in the field of semiconductors, electronics, and software-related inventions.

Before this, in 1993 -1997, Maria worked as a patent attorney in NEVINPAT practicing all aspects of intellectual property law with particular emphasis on chemical technology, metallurgy and pharmaceuticals.

Maria started drafting and prosecuting patent applications when doing research in St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology in the area of polymers, composite materials and environment protection and is co-author of more than 20 patent applications for inventions.

Dr. Nilova's areas of technical expertise include organic and inorganic chemical technology, pharmaceuticals, polymers, cosmetics, sorbents, as well as licensing and technology transfer.


Patent prosecution
Technology transfer
Chemical technology
Materials science


Russian Chamber of Patent Attorneys
AIPPI National Group, INTA, AIPLA, LES Russia

Recent Publications

A Changing Landscape: Life Sciences in Russia", World Intellectual Property Review, 2012, LS IP Review, 2012, pp.56-59 (2012)
The cause and effect of legislative changes, World Intellectual Property Review, 2014, November/December, pp.50-51