Patent Expert

Julia’s responsibilities include prosecution of patent applications relating to chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

In 2015 Julia graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State University with master’s degree in chemistry.

Before joining Patentica, Julia worked as a research assistant and engineer in the Department of Analytical chemistry of St.-Petersburg State l University. In 2012 Julia participated in a research work at organic chemistry and biochemistry laboratory under the guidance of Dr. M. Wilson in Bowling Green State University, OH, USA.

Julia joined Patentica as a patent expert in 2015.

In 2016 Julia took a training course in patent expertise as a part of the program of "Summer school of patent expertise. Pskov-2016" by the Russian chamber of patent attorneys.


Organic chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Chemical technology

recent publications

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A. P. Molchanov · Yu. V. Malinina · R. R. Kostikov · A. V. Stepakov, “Regioselective cycloaddition of C,N-diarylnitrones to arylallenes and of N-aryl-C-carbamoylnitrones to methyl buta-2,3-dienoate” Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry 51(3), pp. 368-372, 2015
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