For an approximate estimate of costs ands fees involved in filing your patent application in Russia, simply fill in the information requested below and the total costs of filing will be automatically calculated for you.

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Costs of National Entry / Filing in Russia

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Due date: The due date for National Entry in Russia is 31 months from the priority date.
Late entry: The Civil Code makes no provision for late entry. However, according to the Regulations under the PCT, if the due date for the National Entry is missed unintentionally, the applicant’s rights can be reinstated within a year from the missed due date subject to payment of a restoration fee.
Late filing of documents: Late filing of a Russian translation or Power of Attorney does not entail any extra charges or delay in the examination.
Amendments: Generally, substantive amendments to application may be made after receiving a search report or in response to an office action. PCT application additionally may be amended within 1 month from the entry date. Any amendments must remain within the scope of the original application.
Substantive examination: Examination can be deferred. A request for substantive examination must be filed within 3 years from the filing date or international filing date. A two month extension is possible, provided that a request for extension is filed before the expiry of the above time and the extension fee is paid.
Official fees are fixed in RUB and when invoicing recalculated in USD/EUR on the basis of the current exchange rate.

Documents / Information we need to file an application

PCT application entering into the National Phase:
– PCT application number
– Names and addresses of applicant(s) and inventor(s) (unless the application is published)
– Description, claims, abstract, and drawings (unless the application is published)
– Power of Attorney executed by the applicant (can be submitted after filing)
– Amendments made after the international publication (if any)
– Amendments to be made during the National Entry

National applications:
– Names and addresses of applicant(s) and inventor(s)
– Description, claims, abstract, and drawings
– Power of Attorney executed by the applicant (can be submitted after filing)
– Certified copy of priority application(s) (when priority is claimed)