PATENTICA is an intellectual property firm offering services in Russia and CIS countries and providing its clients with the highest standard of service. At present, a growing number of new technologies embodied in production equipment and consumer goods of all types are being imported in Russia and CIS countries that offer a huge market for commercialization of multiple new products. To cover often very high costs of development, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries, not to mention electronics and information technology, need effective protection for their innovative products and processes.

World experts indicate a constant tendency of growth in the Russian economy resulting in that Russia has become a country offering huge market opportunities for foreign companies. However, introducing a product or service into a new market is a big challenge with respect to both intellectual property protection and enforcement. These two main issues are usually faced by new companies marketing their products and processes in Russia.

Accordingly, the main aspect of Patentica's work is to help our clients in navigating these hazards in all phases of protection of its intellectual property rights. We regard each new patent, each trade mark obtained by our client, each court decision as our small contribution into development of business and economic cooperation between our countries.

We are advising on intellectual property issues and representing our clients domestically, before the ROSPATENT and Eurasian Patent Offices, internationally, under PCT treaty and Madrid system and also through our associates, in CIS countries, like Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. Our experience extends to appeals and opposition proceedings within the ROSPATENT and Eurasian Patent Office, as well as national offices of CIS countries.

We proudly offer not only our professional services, but also a broad network of international contacts with well-known law firms and patent offices guaranteeing high quality services around the world, including US, UK, Canadian, European and Japan patent offices.