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Accurate translation is a crucial ingredient of a successful patent application. At PATENTICA we offer an advantageous integration of profound knowledge of the related technical art and command of source/target languages along with advanced CAT tools usage - to both optimize the clients' expenses and ensure the high quality of our translations.


All translators we recruit have additional linguistic training complementing their qualifications in technical disciplines, such as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, mechanics, optics, computer engineering, software, medical equipment and others. Our main working languages are Russian, English, German, Japanese, Ukrainian and Georgian.


We have successfully implemented MemoQ CAT tool into our translation process. This top-notch program allows us to provide competitive prices for our clients along with higher speed and quality of translations based on using client- or subject-specific Translation Memories and trainable machine translation feature.


For ensuring the highest quality, we have developed an efficient algorithm for processing a translation order: each translation is reviewed by a senior patent specialist or a patent attorney in order to ensure proper terminology, style and format. 

Documents / Information we need

PCT application entering into National Phase:

  • PCT application number;
  • Names and addresses of applicant(s) and inventor(s) (unless the application is published);
  • Description, claims, abstract, and drawings (unless the application is published);
  • Power of Attorney executed by the applicant;
  • Amendments made after the international publication (if any);
  • Amendments to be made during the National Entry;

National applications:

  • Names and addresses of applicant(s) and inventor(s);
  • Certified copy of priority application(s) (when priority is claimed)
  • Power of Attorney executed by the applicant;
  • Description, claims, abstract, and drawings;

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